Customer advisory // sea freight export January 2021

Ablauf Verschiffung (Schritt 4)

Dear customers,
the year 2021 starts as turbulent as the year 2020 ended. Global trade is mixed up in times of Corona and shows unexpected growth rates in some segments. This growth is countered by a global transport system that is out of step and is heavily overloaded in various places, such as in the areas of container trucking, container handling and capacities on container vessels. In addition, there is a significant shortage of containers.

As a consequence of this, both carriers and terminals have shortened free time and the earliest delivery times at the terminals. In concrete terms, this means that export containers are currently only allowed to be delivered at the seaport terminals in Hamburg 48 hours before the vessel arrives. There is a similar regulation in the port of Rotterdam.

If a ship is delayed, it is likely that the pre-carriage of the container have to be rescheduled, if this is still possible, or the container have to be stored temporarily in a secured depot on the expense of the goods until delivery is possible.

Of course, we try to keep the costs as low as possible, but these costs cannot generally be avoided. If the container has already been loaded and the vessel is then delayed, the costs of interim storage at the terminal but also at the fumigation company will be charged on shippers account.

Unfortunately, we often only receive information from the carrier in regards to delays at very short notice, so that we cannot always adjust the pre-carriage schedule of the container  ccordingly. We check the arrival and departure dates of every shipment for you on a daily
basis. If we notice any changes, we try to act immediately and inform you.

Furthermore, we would like to point out once again that cancellations of planned container
pre-carriage to the port must be received by us at least 48 hours (only working days) before
the planned loading date. In the case of later cancellations, dead freight may arise, which
will also be charged on shippers account.

Please be assured that in all cases we will try to keep the costs as low as possible for you.

Thank you for your understanding. The Brelog Team is available at any time to answer any


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